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Press Release

Westerman Confirmed Committee Chairman for 118th Congress

Today, the Republican Conference ratified a resolution confirming U.S. Rep. Bruce Westerman (R-Ark.) as chairman of the House Committee on Natural Resources for the 118th Congress. Westerman issued the following statement in response:

"It's an incredible honor to be elected as the leader of this committee, one that I've served on during my entire time in Congress. Natural resources are important to me as a forester, as an Arkansan and as an American citizen, and I'm eager to use our new majority to show the world that conservation is inherently conservative. Republicans have been hard at work turning discussions with constituents into science-based, commonsense policy that works for everyone. Now, those policies are ready to take center stage as we fulfill our Commitment to America, jumpstart our economy, unlock our resources and end our dependence on China once and for all. Amid historically high energy costs, western drought and devastating wildfires, the Natural Resources Committee will be on the front lines of implementing meaningful change that impacts every American. I genuinely believe our best years as a country are still to come, and that starts with responsible stewardship of the incredible natural resources we've been given. Let's get to work!"