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Organizations Support Republican Legislation to Expand American Energy Production, Create Jobs, and Lower Prices

Over 50 groups from across the country are calling for passage of Republican legislation to expand American energy production. From groups focused on economic development to seniors issues to fiscal conservatism, these organizations have come together to support three offshore energy bills (H.R. 1229, 1230 and 1231) that the House will begin voting on this week to create jobs, lower prices and decrease our dependence on foreign energy.

What They’re Saying about the Republican Energy Bills:

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

“These three bills represent a major step in the right direction for the nation’s energy policy...They would help ease the nation’s dependence on foreign oil, and—most importantly—put Americans back to work.”

Americans for Tax Reform

“The combination of these three bills would have a tremendous impact on America’s energy economy, spurring job creation and economic expansion while lowering costs for the American people.”

National Taxpayers Union

“Together, these bills would counteract calculated government inaction and bureaucratic obstructionism in order to create jobs, lower energy costs, and boost our economy.”

Americans for Prosperity

“The Obama administration has severely restricted exploration and recovery of the nation’s wealth of offshore oil and natural gas resources, inhibiting new investment in these areas...Paying double at the pump hurts even more as families and businesses across the country struggle with tight budgets and increasing costs on all goods and services...These measures [H.R. 1229, 1230, 1231] will reinvigorate much-needed oil and natural gas production in the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere, and represent smart first steps towards a comprehensive loosening of unnecessary government restrictions on domestic energy production around the country.”

Council for Citizens Against Government Waste

“Despite the fact that it has been nearly six months since the Obama Administration officially ended the moratorium on deepwater drilling in the Gulf, few steps have been taken to resume drilling operations. With an 8.8 percent national unemployment rate and dependence on foreign energy sources at dangerously high levels, lawmakers should be facilitating exploration and encouraging the domestic production of oil and natural gas resources that continue to go is imperative that Congress pass these pieces of legislation and move toward lowering our nation’s energy costs and lessening the pain at the pump for taxpayers.”

Americans for Limited Government

“While the President is telling everyone to go buy a Chevy Volt, House Republicans are actually doing something about the problem [of rising gas prices].”

National Federation of Independent Business

“Small business owners need relief from sky rocketing energy costs...NFIB supports expanding domestic energy production, including ending the moratoriums on offshore drilling... and thanks Chairman Hastings and the Natural Resources Committee for addressing our nation’s energy problems.”

The 60 Plus Association

"The 60 Plus Association thanks Chairman Hastings for his commitment to America and her seniors. Time and time again we have heard the rhetoric of the President regarding alternative energy, but until such options become a legitimately viable outlet, we need to focus on tapping America's vast natural resources, including drilling both on shore and off shore. With gas prices being at an all-time high, it is hurting those who can least afford it - especially seniors on fixed incomes.”

American Trucking Associations

“Soaring fuel prices threaten the trucking industry, our economy, and consumers by increasing both the cost of goods and our ability to move them affordably throughout the country. ATA believes there is an urgent need to increase access and production of our domestic crude supply as a means to help lower fuel prices. We urge you to vote for passage of H.R.1229 and H.R. 1230 this week, and H.R. 1231 when it is brought to the floor next week.”

National Ocean Industries Association

“We write in support of legislative efforts to get people back to work in the Gulf of Mexico and to provide the energy resources that are so essential to the economic well being of the nation by enhancing access to the resources of the Outer Continental Shelf. Bold leadership during these challenging times is necessary to get folks back to work in the gulf and to provide the energy resources so critical to fueling this country’s economic well-being.”

Offshore Marine Services Association

“We cannot begin to increase our domestic supply of oil if we do not take swift action to reverse the administration's de facto moratorium on oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico. These three bills are an important first step toward energy independence and will help bring job creation to an area desperately in need of economic growth.”

Shallow Water Energy Security Coalition

“We are pleased that the House has taken this first step to approve the American Energy Initiative. H.R. 1229, H.R. 1230 and H.R. 1231 are a welcome effort to expand offshore energy production, lower energy prices and create jobs.”

American Iron and Steel Institute

“Congress must act expeditiously to allow development of additional U.S. energy resources, as part of a comprehensive national energy independence strategy moving forward. The House of Representatives should pass these three bills so that domestic OCS oil and natural gas resources can be increased. The bills offer the potential for relief from high energy prices and volatility of supplies through the timely development of offshore resources.”

Heritage Action for America

“One year after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling rig, the federal government is still slowing new offshore oil and gas exploration and production… President Obama and his allies can continue to push out their myths, blaming speculators and oil profits and more, but the fact is there is simply too little new supply to keep up with growing demand which is even made more difficult by rising demand in India and China. Congress should support HR 1230 and push forward with further measures to allow American energy potential to flourish in the free-market.”

National Association of Manufacturers

“Every day of unnecessary permitting delays costs jobs and hurts America’s manufacturers and their employees. Thousands of jobs were lost during the 2010 offshore moratorium. Companies that make and supply equipment, services, engines, boats and materials such as steel and concrete suffered under the moratorium and continue to suffer. America needs jobs now. Manufacturers urge Congress to support common-sense policies to expand access to our nation’s domestic energy supplies to encourage growth and job creation.”

Associated General Contractors of America

“We support this energy legislation because a growing and vibrant construction industry relies heavily on a reliable long-term source of energy and petroleum products…H.R. 1229, 1230 and 1231 will help to facilitate the exploration for and production of domestically produced energy of all kinds… Public policies must encourage the development of additional domestic energy resources, and that is exactly what these bills do.”

Additional Organizations Supporting Passage of OCS Legislation:

American Conservative Union
American Highway Users Alliance
American Gas Association
American Energy Alliance
Consumer Energy Alliance
American Petroleum Institute
Independent Petroleum Association of America
Industrial Energy Consumers of America
Industrial Minerals Association – North America
Petroleum Marketers Association of America
American Chemistry Council
Petroleum Equipment Suppliers Association
National Petrochemical & Refiners Association
Freedom Action
National Tax Limitation Committee
Associated Builders and Contractors
International Foodservice Distributors Association
International Franchise Association
National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors

Gulf Organizations Supporting Passage of OCS Legislation:

Baton Rouge Area Chamber of Commerce
Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce
Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce
St. Tammany West Chamber of Commerce
South Central Industrial Association
Business Council of Alabama
Southern Crop Production Association
Terrebonne Economic Development Authority
Harvey Industrial Canal Association
Gulf Citizens United
Gulf Economic Survival Team
Louisiana Association of Business and Industry
Louisiana Mid Continent Oil and Gas Association
Louisiana Oil and Gas Association
Southwest Louisiana Chamber of Commerce
Thibodaux Chamber of Commerce
Houma-Terrebonne Chamber of Commerce
Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce
Greater New Orleans, Inc.


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