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Legislative Hearing on H.R. 1395, H.R. 5487, H.R. 6814 and H.R. 7020 | Water, Wildlife and Fisheries Subcommittee

On Thursday, March 21, 2024, at 10:00 a.m. in room 1324 Longworth House Office Building, the Committee on Natural Resources, Subcommittee on Water, Wildlife and Fisheries will hold a legislative hearing on the following bills:

  • H.R. 1395 (Rep. Fitzpatrick), “Delaware River Basin Conservation Reauthorization Act of 2023”;
  • H.R. 5487 (Rep. Huffman), “Help Our Kelp Act”;
  • H.R. 6814 (Rep. Graves of LA), “Marine Fisheries Habitat Protection Act”; and
  • H.R. 7020 (Rep. McClain), “Great Lakes Mapping Act”.
Panel I 

Members of Congress TBD

Panel II 

Mr. Clay Porch
Southeast Fisheries Science Center
National Marine Fisheries Service
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Miami, FL [All bills] 

Ms. Jennifer Boehme
Chief Executive Officer
Great Lakes
Observing System
Ann Arbor, MI [H.R. 7020] 

Mr. Chris Horton
Senior Director
Fisheries Policy
Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation
Bismarck, AR [H.R. 6814] 

Mr. Kelly Knutson
Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed
Princeton, NJ [H.R. 1395] 

Ms. Deb Self
Senior Director of Restoration and Partnerships
Greater Farallones Association
San Francisco, CA [Minority Witness, H.R. 5487]