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H.R. 615, the Protecting Access for Hunters and Anglers Act of 2023

H.R. 615 would prohibit the Secretaries of the Interior and Agriculture from banning the use of lead ammunition or tackle on federal land or water that is under their jurisdiction and made available for hunting or fishing activities. In addition, the Secretaries may not issue regulations relating to the level of lead in ammunition or tackle to be used on federal land or water.

The bill allows the secretaries to prohibit the use of lead in a particular unit of federal land or water if the relevant secretary determines a decline in wildlife population at that specific unit is primarily caused by the use of lead in ammunition or tackle, and the prohibition is consistent with state law, or state fish and wildlife policy or regulations governing that unit. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, “as practiced on refuges, hunting does not pose a threat to the wildlife populations – and in some instances it is necessary for sound wildlife management.”

In addition, revenues generated from hunting and fishing activities result in billions of dollars in conservation funding each year. The Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act of 1937 requires that the sale of hunting materials, such as firearms, ammunition, and archery equipment, have an excise tax attached to it that is paid by manufacturers and, ultimately, consumers. In 2021, the National Shooting Sports Foundation concluded that lead-free hunting ammunition is on average 24.66 percent more expensive than lead ammunition. Increasing costs on consumers could result in a substantial decrease in hunting and fishing participation, which increased substantially during the pandemic after years of decline.


    H.R. 615, the Protecting Access for Hunters and Anglers Act of 2023, Introduced by U.S. Rep. Rob Wittman (R-V.a.) 

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