Bill Summary

H.R. 3764 – more aptly named the “Blue New Deal,” – is over-reaching legislation that will raise Americans’ energy costs through a legislated ban on new offshore oil and gas drilling outside of the Gulf of Mexico. It will increase red tape for some offshore activities, as well as create extra layers of bureaucracy and added litigation risk for those who depend on inland infrastructure, such as dams and reservoirs. The bill creates more top-down federal regulation that ignores state and local efforts aimed at improving the environment. In short, it’s bad policy and we strongly urge opposition.

Letters of Opposition

USOGA Letter of Opposition
Arkansas Farm Bureau Letter of Opposition
NACO County Commissioner Statements
NOIA Opposition Letter
PWD Opposition Letter
Family Farm Alliance Opposition Letter
IPAA Opposition Letter
Heritage Action Letter of Opposition
NCBA, PLC, and ASI Joint Opposition Letter

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