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Legislative Hearing on H.R. 6482, H.R. 7370, H.R. 7375, H.R. 7422 and H.R. 7377 | Energy and Mineral Resources Subcommittee

On Wednesday, March 6, 2024, at 2:00 p.m., in room 1324 Longworth House Office Building, the Committee on Natural Resources, Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources will hold a legislative hearing on the following bills:

  • H.R. 6482 (Rep. Fulcher), “Enhancing Geothermal Production on Federal Lands Act”;
  • H.R. 7370 (Rep. Curtis), “Geothermal Energy Opportunity Act” or the “GEO Act”;
  • H.R. 7375 (Rep. Hageman), To amend the Mineral Leasing Act to improve the assessment of expression of interest fees, and for other purposes;
  • H.R. 7377 (Rep. Hunt), “Royalty Resiliency Act”;
  • H.R. 7409 (Rep. Kim of CA), “Harnessing Energy At Thermal Sources Act” or the “HEATS Act”; and
  • H.R. 7422 (Rep. Ocasio-Cortez), “Geothermal Cost-Recovery Authority Act of 2024”.

Panel I

(Members of Congress): 
To be Announced

Panel II: 

Mr. Benjamin E. Gruber
Deputy Assistant Director
Energy, Minerals, and Realty
Bureau of Land Management
Washington, D.C. [All Bills] 

Mr. Steve Dudgeon
Severance Tax/Royalty
Ryan LLC, Houston, TX [H.R. 7377] 

Dr. Bryant Jones
Executive Director
Geothermal Rising
Boise, ID [H.R. 6482, H.R. 7370, H.R. 7409, and H.R. 7422] 

Mr. Dan Naatz
Chief Operating Officer
Independent Petroleum Association of America
Washington, D.C. [H.R. 7375, and H.R. 7377] 

Mr. Joe Uehlein
Founding President
Labor Network for Sustainability
Takoma Park, MD [Minority Witness] [H.R. 7422]