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WTAS: the Transparency and Production of American Energy Act

WASHINGTON, D.C., October 6, 2022 -

Last month, Republican members introduced the Transparency and Production of (TAP) American Energy Act with the support of many stakeholder groups and organizations.

"The Transparency and Production of American Energy Act includes important provisions and reforms that will go a long way to advancing clean energy and transmission deployment in the United States. By encouraging development of clean energy infrastructure on public lands, and seeking collaboration from state and local stakeholders, we can enhance our grid reliability and strengthen our energy security all while creating thousands of American jobs. The American Clean Power Association looks forward to continuing to work with Congressman Westerman as this bill moves through the legislative process." – Heather Zichal, CEO, American Clean Power Association 

"U.S. energy resources are the envy of the world and a long-term strategic asset that strengthens our national security and fuels our economy. We need policies in place that ensure American producers can access these resources to meet rising demand for affordable, reliable energy – this is not possible absent reform to eliminate unnecessary, bureaucratic red tape. It is critical that policymakers send a new policy signal creating more certainty and clarity for American energy producers who develop on federal lands and waters." – Lem Smith, vice president of federal relations, American Petroleum Institute

"The TAP American Energy Act is an important step in unlocking American resources—essential to reducing global emissions. Thank you to Reps. Bruce Westerman and Sam Graves for introducing this bill, which takes the politics out of permitting, expands federal lands and waters for cleaner domestic energy production, and streamlines the bureaucracy that prevents projects from being built in a timely manner." – Heather Reams, president, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions

"Clean energy and grid modernization present tremendous economic opportunities, but burdensome and outdated regulations mean that new projects take five years on average to come online – we have to move faster by enacting common sense reforms to the permitting process. The TAP American Energy Act, introduced by Rep. Bruce Westerman (R-AR), does exactly that. This bill will promote energy security, unlock American resources, and allow project developers to build cleaner, faster."  Rich Powell, CEO, ClearPath Action

"This is an opportune moment for a policy realignment that focuses on building instead of blocking. A broader coalition is coalescing around the need for permitting reform because obstructionism and antiquated policies are preventing economic and environmental progress. The Tap Energy Act makes many long overdue improvements to provide regulatory certainty for companies to supply affordable, dependable energy while maintaining strong environmental safeguards." – Nick Loris, vice president of public policy, Conservative Coalition for Climate Solutions

"As our Nation grapples with a fundamental shift in energy production and consumption, we must ensure that the infrastructure necessary to meet these challenges is affordable and timely. By expediting permitting reviews for crucial energy infrastructure, especially electric transmission expansion to accommodate changing resource technologies, customers large and small will benefit from lower energy costs while continuing to support environmental stewardship." – Karen Onaran, vice president, Electricity Consumers Resource Council

"Demand for 24/7 carbon-free energy is soaring. As a firm, clean source of power with a uniquely American-made supply chain, geothermal energy is well suited to meet this moment. The measures in the TAP American Energy Act take valuable steps required to increase the efficiency of a burdensome permitting process for geothermal energy, encouraging deployment and unlocking its potential." – Geothermal Rising

"The Gulf Energy Alliance thanks Representatives Westerman and Graves for their leadership in advancing America’s energy independence. The TAP American Energy Act is a practical solution to the issues we face. By bolstering domestic production and streamlining permitting, offshore oil offshore oil and gas producers in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico (GOM or the Gulf) cannot only ensure America’s energy security, but we can create good paying jobs and most importantly, contribute significantly to the reduction of emissions globally. The fact of the matter is, oil and gas produced in the U.S. Gulf is the most environmentally friendly oil and gas, subject to the most rigorous environmental standards and produces the lowest carbon emissions in the world. Perhaps the most important component of the TAP American Energy Act is the prohibition of Administration led bans on oil and gas. Allowing administrations to single handedly implement bans on certain types of energy and instead rely on unsteady foreign actors creates unstable energy markets, which ultimately results in rising costs for every day Americans. Furthermore, America’s reliance on oil and gas is not going anywhere. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) projects that oil and gas will continue to be the most consumed sources of energy through 2050. We look forward to working with Reps. Westerman and Graves and their colleagues to enact this important piece of legislation." – Kevin Bruce, executive director, Gulf Energy Alliance

"IPAA commends Ranking Members Westerman and Graves for their thoughtful approach to unburden American energy production through the Transparency and Production of American Energy Act. The TAP American Energy Act will get energy development back on track through a regular order process by reinstating quarterly onshore lease sales, requiring a minimum of two offshore lease sales per year, and preventing the Executive branch from imposing any ban on federal leasing without Congressional approval. This legislation is a positive step to ensure certainty in the regulatory process, which our companies rely on in order to make capital-intensive business decisions for the future." – Jeff Eshelman, president and CEO, Independent Petroleum Association of America 

"The Gulf of Mexico can help mitigate inflationary energy prices, increase global energy security, and further low carbon energy production - three priorities for almost every American. Unfortunately, the region is targeted by delays and uncertainty. We need a legislative fix to reinstate the predictability companies rely upon to explore and make multi-billion dollar decisions in the Gulf of Mexico that benefit our nation and the world. Likewise, the legislation includes provisions to streamline the process for building infrastructure for renewable energy, supporting a critical all-of-the-above energy foundation our nation needs." – Erik Milito, president, National Ocean Industries Association

"As our nation increasingly relies on electricity to power more of the economy, it is critical that Congress streamline the processes for permitting, building and maintaining the infrastructure required to keep the lights on across the country. Until these obstacles are addressed, it will continue to be difficult to meet future energy needs with an eye towards affordability and reliability. This legislation is an important step towards streamlining the NEPA permitting process and accelerating the production and transmission of American energy. We thank Reps. Graves and Westerman for their leadership in recognizing the need to reform the current regulatory process." – Jim Matheson, CEO, National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association

"Time and again we're hearing from industry and analysts alike that we can't meet the nation's clean and secure energy goals without permitting reform. It is heartening to see Congress working towards this, which unlocks the power of free market dynamism towards our policy priorities." – Devin Hartman, director of energy and environmental policy, R Street Institute

"Over our 182 year history, the U.S. oil and gas industry has witnessed world wars, global depressions and pandemics, countless business cycles and continuous innovation. But the past 18 months has been the single most difficult political and regulatory period for the oil and gas industry in our history thanks to the relentless assaults from the Biden Administration and its enablers in Congress. It's time to restore sanity to our national and global approach to energy policy. The TAP Act does just that. It removes obstacles which will allow our industry to responsibly develop the federal resources and in turn provide billions in revenues to the taxpayers, states and local governments. It provides certainty to the regulatory process which Wall Street now demands in return for investing in the U.S industry and it clears out the process for the sake of process mentality which only benefits the bureaucrats to the detriment of everyone else. We applaud this legislation as much needed recalibration of a process which can now only be described as insane." – Tim Stewart, president, U.S. Oil and Gas Association

"Oil and natural gas produced from federal lands is some of the most sustainable in the world because of all the additional environmental protections. Yet rather than utilize these abundant resources to lower prices at the pump, the Biden Administration is actively obstructing leasing. The problem is compounded by climate activists abusing legal challenges in order to indefinitely stall any new leasing. Western Energy Alliance strongly supports the TAP American Energy Act because it addresses these impediments while balancing increased federal leasing with environmental protection. Ranking Member Westerman understands that we can and must do both to increase oil and natural gas supply and control energy inflation." – Kathleen Sgamma, president, Western Energy Alliance

Contact: Committee Press Office 202-225-2761

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