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What They Are Saying: The Securing America's Mineral Supply Chains Act

WASHINGTON, D.C., October 4, 2022 -

Last month, six members introduced the Securing America's Mineral Supply Chains Act with the backing of many groups and organizations.

"Arizona is blessed with an excellent mineral endowment and stands ready to provide key minerals necessary to meet our nation’s needs in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Currently the demand for mineral resources like copper and a dependable mining workforce is on the rise. Increased production is being driven by population growth, economic development and a shift to renewables. Demand for copper alone could grow by 200% by 2050 due to renewable energy alone. There are 33 critical minerals required for phones, electric vehicles batteries and fighter jets. Not only do we need to secure these resources, but we must address permitting delays, proper Federal land use planning, industry workforce development needs and mineral supply chain security in a meaningful way. The provisions in the Securing America’s Mineral Supply Chains Act of 2022 would go a long way to address key challenges that are exacerbating access to minerals. We laud the efforts of Representatives Westerman and Rodgers for their tireless efforts on these matters." – Steve Trussell, executive director, Arizona Mining Association

"Global mineral demand is skyrocketing. Minerals and metals are the building blocks for everything from infrastructure and health care to national defense, clean energy and electric vehicles. Events like the recent pandemic and the war in Ukraine have exposed the United States’ supply chain vulnerabilities, highlighting the importance of an abundant and affordable supply of domestic minerals for America’s future. Securing our domestic mineral supply chains is essential for our environment, our communities, and fellow Americans, and we applaud Ranking Members Bruce Westerman and Cathy McMorris Rodgers for their comprehensive approach to addressing these pressing issues." – Mark Compton, executive director, American Exploration & Mining Association

"The Securing America's Mineral Supply Chains Act comes at the right time for our nation. Supply chain challenges have become critical threats to our economic vitality and national security. This legislation is ready to move forward now, after many years of consideration. Through this bill America confirms that it is essential to expand our domestic development and production of the materials essential to our future, while assuring environmental and socially responsibility. This bill deserves unanimous bipartisan support." – Walter G. Copan, vice president for research and technology transfer, Colorado School of Mines

"MiningMinnesota and our members recognize the value of this nation’s thorough environmental review and permitting processes. We commend Congressman Westerman and the co-sponsors of this Act for identifying opportunities to bolster efficiencies within those systems to ensure that our nation’s need for critical metals can be domestically met where possible." – Mining Minnesota

"It’s past time to build the secure, reliable and responsible mineral supply chains our economy, energy future and national security demand. Unfortunately, the current mine permitting process is a self-imposed barrier to realizing our domestic mineral potential, often stalling projects for years – sometimes decades – with duplicative reviews, a burdensome approval process and unending legal challenges. The question is, will U.S. policymakers prioritize meeting future mineral demand with domestically produced materials or seek to maintain the status quo of increasing reliance on foreign sources. The Securing Mineral Supply Chains Act (H.R. 8981) is a comprehensive piece of legislation that will improve our minerals supply chain situation from the mine up and meet current and future sourcing challenges head on. We applaud House Natural Resources Committee Ranking Member Bruce Westerman (R-Ark.), Energy and Commerce Committee Ranking Member Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.), Energy and Mineral Resources Subcommittee Ranking Member Pete Stauber (R-Minn.), and other cosponsors of this important legislation for their work to advance thoughtful and commonsense legislative policies to support domestic mineral supply chains essential for U.S. economic growth and national security." – Rich Nolan, president and CEO, National Mining Association

"On behalf of the members of the National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association, we are proud to support the Securing America's Mineral Supply Chains Act. Burdensome permitting requirements and a depleting workforce have impacted our industry for far too long and this act is exactly what this industry needs to address those concerns. We want to thank Ranking Member Bruce Westerman for his arduous work on this crucial piece of legislation." – Michele Stanley, vice president of government and regulatory affairs, National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association

"The Securing America’s Mineral Supply Chains Act of 2022 is a significant step forward in establishing robust domestic supply chains for mineral production critical to our economy and national security. The bill modernizes and improves mineral project permitting while providing necessary resources for mineral and energy security. The Strategic Uranium Reserve in particular will help rebuild the U.S. nuclear fuel cycle that has been severely eroded by state-supported entities in Russia and among its allies, putting our nuclear power supply at risk. We look forward to working with Congress to enact this bill and reduce our dangerous reliance on foreign mineral and energy resources."  Scott Melbye, president, Uranium Producers of America and executive vice president, Uranium Energy Corp

"It is more clear than ever that increasing domestic mineral production and processing is critical to fortifying our supply chains and ensuring our economic and national security.  The commonsense reforms proposed in Congressman Westerman’s Securing America's Mineral Supply Chains Act will help to ensure rational federal permitting, reduce litigation abuses, secure access to and responsible use of our nation’s abundant mineral and energy resources, and unleash the innovation economy to bring new mineral production, processing, and energy technologies to market." – Brian Somers, president, Utah Mining Association

Contact: Committee Press Office 202-225-2761

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