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Organizations Support H.R. 1904, The Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act of 2011

WASHINGTON, D.C., October 26, 2011 - Numerous groups across the country are calling for passage of H.R. 1904, the National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act, Republican legislation that will create thousands of good-paying jobs, strengthen our national security and provide billions of dollars in revenue to the federal government. The bill exchanges lands between Resolution Copper, the federal government, the state of Arizona and the town of Superior, AZ to allow for the development of U.S. copper resources.

What They’re Saying about H.R. 1904:

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

“This legislation promises to provide a tremendous boost to job creation in both the U.S. and Arizona economies without an infusion of any federal stimulus funds... This transfer will allow for the full development of what we understand to be the largest copper deposit in North America - a deposit that provides high-paying jobs for at least 40-years and will produce over 20 percent of the annual US demand for copper... We thank you for placing the passage of HR 1904 at the top of your list of critical job-creation legislation. Your efforts are making an enormous difference in the lives of Arizonans and, in fact, countless Americans, by creating jobs, promoting sustainable mining operations, harvesting a vital natural resource, protecting critical conservation lands, and revitalizing Arizona's economy - all without spending one cent of taxpayer money.”

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

“The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the world’s largest business federation representing the interests of more than three million businesses and organizations of every size, sector, and region, supports H.R. 1904, the “Southeast Land Exchange and Conservation Act of 2011,” which would strike the proper balance between environmental stewardship and economic growth by providing the federal government with 5,344 acres of high-value conservation lands in exchange for 2,422 acres of land containing the third-largest undeveloped copper resource in the world. Copper is one of the fundamental building blocks of the economy, and is used in large quantities in a wide range of industries and applications, including telecommunications, construction, electricity, automobile manufacturing, renewable energy, plumbing and household goods... All that is standing in the way of these economic benefits is a land exchange, one that would more than double the size of the area being conserved.”

National Mining Association

“This land exchange is necessary to protect the global competitiveness of the U.S. mining industry and will provide high-paying jobs and improve a weakened economy. This legislation will help create economic benefits through direct mining operations, supplier purchases and by salaries paid to working will in turn contribute to the local and national economy. H.R. 1904 will provide $61.4 billion over its lifetime and will provide 3,700 jobs annually, equating to $220.5 million in annual wages. More importantly, H.R. 1904 will provide $14 billion to the U.S. Treasury over the life of the project. With record deficits and high unemployment Congress cannot turn its back on thousands of jobs and billions in revenues.”

National Association of Manufacturers

“This legislation will be the first step in helping the United States to meet more of our domestic demand for copper. In fact, the proposed mine would produce enough copper to meet about 25% of the current U.S. demand. In doing so, it will also create jobs and generate nearly $20 billion in federal, state, county and local tax revenue. We thank you for your efforts and recognition of this important issue and the impact it has on U.S. manufacturers.”

Arizona Chamber of Commerce

“This legislation will provide a huge stimulus to both US and Arizona economies without an infusion of any federal funds... You have the opportunity to make an enormous difference in the lives of Arizonans and, ultimately, the American public by creating jobs, promoting sustainable mining operations, harvesting a vital natural resource, protecting critical conservation lands, and revitalizing Arizona’s economy – all without spending one cent of taxpayer money.”

Western Business Roundtable

“This legislation – which involves a series of land exchanges – presents a ‘win-win' opportunity for federal land managers, Arizona’s economy and the American taxpayers. The Roundtable views the legislation as an outstanding example of how, with a bit of ingenuity, the public and private sectors can work together to advance the goals of domestic minerals development and environmental conservation.”

Property Rights Alliance

“The Resolution Mine is a win for taxpayers, a win for consumers and a win for the economy. Supporting this bill means the creation of jobs, economic growth and a sounder fiscal situation.”

Mayor Michael Hing, Town of Superior, AZ

“This land exchange represents an unprecedented opportunity to improve the long-term economic vitality of my community, our local counties, the state, and the region. It is one thing to talk about the creation of new jobs and economic opportunity, and quite another to actually take action...like H.R. 1904 does...that will expedite the creation of those jobs and result in large increases in local, State and Federal tax revenues.”

Let Freedom Ring

“The United States presently imports 30% of its copper demand, an untenable reality when we have an undeveloped copper mine that is the third largest in the world. Opening up this mine for development, precisely what your legislation accomplishes, would create over 3,700 jobs at a time when too many Americans are desperately look for employment opportunities. We strongly encourage your colleagues to support the common-sense Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conversation Act.”

Northwest Mining Association

“At a time when job creation is the highest priority, H.R. 1904 is a common sense solution that will provide tremendous economic benefits to Arizona and the Nation... The U.S. can and should be more self-reliant for the minerals we need. Despite reserves of 78 important mined minerals, the United States currently attracts only 8 percent of worldwide exploration dollars. As a result, our Nation is becoming more dependent upon foreign sources to meet our metal and minerals requirements, even for minerals with adequate domestic sources such as the Resolution Copper project. The bottom line is mining projects provide an economic stimulus package that won’t require deficit spending or cost taxpayers a dime.”

Brian Martyn, Vice Chairman of the Pinal County Board of Supervisors

“There are few issues that are more critical to Pinal County’s economic growth, stability and quality of life than H.R. 1904... My point is simple: this issue is not about politics; it’s about enhancing the quality of life of the citizens in Pinal County and Arizona... Pinal County has not been immune to the negative effects of the recent recession. While still growing, the County yearns for good, high-paying jobs. The Resolution Copper project is one of the biggest economic development projects in Arizona and the largest in Pinal County... In many ways, this legislation exemplifies why we chose this profession; to improve the quality of life of our constituents. This project represents all we value as Americans: stewardship of our environment, improved education of our children and our workforce, enhanced economic prosperity and the ability to make a better future for those around us.”

Michael Pastor and Tommie Cline Martin, Gila County Board of Supervisors

“I am writing to you in support of your initiative to enact federal legislation approving the land swap necessary to allow Resolution Copper to open the copper mine in southeast Arizona. As we have discussed before, reviving this mine operation will create much needed, good paying jobs in our region.”

Harrison Talgo, Former Chairman of San Carlos Apache Tribe

“I believe that traditional Apache values are not mutually exclusive with economic development... Seven in ten eligible workers in the tribe are unemployed. Almost 80 percent of our people live in poverty... Without jobs, our children are forced to move to neighboring communities or into the city to find work. Not many of them return. With each passing generation, a piece of Apache identity and culture is lost... Economic progress and prosperity leads to a better standard of living, better health, better services and better education... I can assure you I do not stand alone as a member of the San Carlos Apache Nation in support of the Resolution Copper Mine and the jobs and prosperity it will create.”

Arizona Rock Products Association

“The passage of this legislation would not only employ thousands of Arizonans for decades, including members of our Association, but would also move the United States closer to becoming self-sufficient in its demand for copper, a metal integral to our nation's continued development and defense... The passage of H.R. 1904 will result in multi-faceted benefits to the United States and to Arizona. The bill requires the donation of more than 5,500 acres of high-quality conservation lands to the United States, ensuring that those lands are preserved for the enjoyment of future generations. In addition to conservation benefits, the mine is estimated to have a positive economic impact of $46 billion over the life of the project.”

American Supply Association

“The Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Piping (PHCP) and industrial and mechanical Pipe, Valves and Fittings (PVF) channel encompasses nearly 3,600 corporations with 5,300 outlets and 75,000 employees nationwide. Our industry is a significant user of copper for the fabrication of valves, pipes and fittings, among other uses...By increasing our mining activity, we will create thousands of jobs both directly and indirectly and make great strides in improving our economy by securing domestic stocks of copper.”

Associated General Contractors of America

“The legislation provides for an exchange that protects valuable natural resources, protects the environment and requires minimal impact on surrounding natural areas. The legislation will create jobs in the U.S. by tapping domestic natural resources and will conduct mining operations under strict government supervision.”


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