Congress should stop blocking restoration of Klamath River

On the cusp of commencing one of the most significant river restoration projects in history – a project that would remove four old dams that have diminished water quality and harmed salmon migrating along the mighty Klamath River – it is disappointing that some of our Republican colleagues continue to stand in the way of progress.

For years, we have supported a balanced deal to resolve conflicts on the Klamath. We have supported the efforts of the states of California and Oregon, the private owner of the Klamath dams, numerous Indian tribes, local governments, fishermen, farmers and environmentalists to develop a reasonable water management plan. But after decades of conflict and years of negotiation, the dam-removal deal negotiated by the affected parties was jeopardized when House Republicans refused to even introduce legislation to honor the deal before a crucial deadline last year.

By:  Jared Huffman and Raul Grijalva
Source: The Sacramento Bee