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Grijalva Bipartisan Letter to Interior Appropriators on BLM Horse and Burro Pilot Program Dec. 10 2019


Grijalva Letter to Wicker and Cantwell on NOAA Nominee Barry Myers May 2 2019


Grijalva Velazquez Huffman Letter to Bernhardt on Pesticide Impacts March 26 2019


Grijalva Neal Engel Letter on Japanese Whaling March 13 2019


Grijalva GAO Request on Seafood Industry Slavery in Thailand


Grijalva Bordallo Letter to DHS NOAA DOS on Ending Thai Seafood Slavery


Grijalva Letter to NMFS on Keeping Sea Turtle Center Open Sept. 18 2018


Grijalva Pingree Keating Moulton Letter to Trump Admin on Fishermen Tariff Assistance July 25 2018


Letters Opposing H.R. 200


Democratic Hearing Request on National Ocean Policy Cancellation June 19 2018

A Democratic letter to Chairman Bishop requesting a hearing on President Trump's cancellation of much of the Obama-era National Ocean Policy.… Continue Reading


Pacific Northwest Businesses Letter Opposing HR 3144

The 140 undersigned businesses and business associations that represent commercial and recreational salmon fishermen and related businesses, guiding and outdoor retail businesses and restaurants and food industries based in the Pacific Northwest, wrote to Members of Congress to oppose H.R. 3144.… Continue Reading


Undersigned Scientists Urge Members to Oppose H.R. 200

The undersigned scientists wrote to Congress to urge Members to oppose H.R. 200 and any other legislative efforts that would weaken science-based management of U.S. marine fish populations so that current and future generations of Americans can enjoy fishing and healthy oceans teeming with fish for years to come.… Continue Reading


The Undersigned West Coast Fishing Industry Oppose Federal Fishery Management that Aims to Weaken Conservation of Pacific Ocean Fisheries

The undersigned West Coast commercial fishermen, charter boat captains, fishing guides, and seafood distributors sent a letter opposing federal fishery management legislation that would hurt their businesses and weaken the conservation and stewardship of Pacific Ocean fisheries.… Continue Reading


Letter to Bishop on Marine Monument Review

In the interest of bipartisanship and of ensuring diligent oversight of executive branch agencies within the Committee's jurisdiction, Ranking Member Grijalva asked Chairman Rob Bishop (R-Utah) to sign on to the letter, but the request was ignored.… Continue Reading


Grijalva and Pingree Letter to Commerce and Justice Departments on 'Codfather'

Ranking Member Raúl M. Grijalva (D-Ariz.) and Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D-Maine) sent a letter to Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross and Department of Justice (DOJ) Attorney General Jeff Sessions, urging them to penalize Carlos Rafael - the notorious 'Codfather' of New Bedford, Mass. - for violations of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA).… Continue Reading


Seafood Distributors Strongly Oppose Weakening the Magnuson-Stevens Act

The Mid-Atlantic recreational anglers, charter-for-hire business owners, commercial fishermen, andseafood distributors sent a letter to the Committee strongly opposing weakening the Magnuson-Stevens Act.… Continue Reading


Grijalva Letter to Gustafson on Carlos Rafael Prosecution Sept. 21 2017


Grijalva Letter to Ross and Sessions on Carlos Rafael Prosecution Sept. 21 2017


Letter to Secretary Zinke on DOI Order to Steamroll National Environmental Policy Act

On August 31, 2017, the Deputy Secretary of the Department of the Interior (DOI) issued an Order to steamroll National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) implementation and review processes. Calling NEPA analyses "needlessly complex," the Order issued arbitrary page number limitations and time limits for NEPA documentation, namely environmental impact statements. The page limits were not met routinely during the last two administrations, mostly to avoid lawsuits because the NEPA analyses were inade… Continue Reading


Letter to Secretary Ross on National Marine Sanctuaries and Marine National Monuments

More than 60 House Democrats sent a letter to Department of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to express their strong support for the 11 national marine sanctuaries and marine national monuments under review as part of Executive Order 13795, "Implementing an America-First Offshore Energy Strategy."… Continue Reading

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