Grijalva Applauds the American People for Speaking Up and Opposing the NPS Fee Hike

Washington, D.C. – House Natural Resources Committee Ranking Member Raúl M. Grijalva (D-Ariz.) praised the American people for making their voices heard and opposing the National Park Service (NPS) proposal to nearly double the entrance fees at 17 of our most popular national parks. More than 100,000 people submitted public comments opposing the fee hike and as a result, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke pulled back his original proposal and announced today that NPS is only increasing the entrance fee by five dollars across the board. 

“This is a prime example that activism works,” Grijalva said. “The American people raised their concerns, participated in the public comment period and made sure that the Trump White House knew that the proposal was unpopular. If it wasn’t for the power of the people, Secretary Zinke would have gone ahead with his ridiculous proposal. Since we have his ear, let’s remind the Secretary that shrinking national monuments and opening more of our coasts to drilling are unpopular as well.”

“This is a big win for park lovers everywhere. Let’s celebrate, then get back to work and continue to hold Zinke accountable for his actions,” Grijalva concluded.

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