Chair Grijalva Hails House Infrastructure Package – Highlights Advances on Water Infrastructure, Habitat and Coastal Protection, Tribal & Territorial Funding

Washington, D.C. – Chair Raúl M. Grijalva (D-Ariz.) today hailed House passage of H.R. 2, the Moving Forward Act, and highlighted the many environmental conservation and water availability improvements the bill includes.

A fact sheet laying out the bill’s improvements in the Natural Resources Committee’s jurisdiction is available at https://bit.ly/31BWJP2, Highlights include:

  • Investing in modern water infrastructure projects that will provide reliable water supplies in a changing climate. (Chair Grijalva’s H.R. 1904, Rep. Cox’s H.R. 5316, Rep. Huffman’s FUTURE Western Water Infrastructure and Drought Resiliency Act, Rep. Levin’s H.R. 3723, Rep. Cox’s H.R. 5347, Rep. Napolitano’s H.R. 1162, Rep. Torres Small’s H.R. 4891, Rep. Harder’s H.R. 3510, and Rep. O’Halleran’s H.R. 7056)
  • Putting Americans to work strengthening our coasts through a $3 billion grant program for shovel-ready projects to restore Great Lakes and coastal habitats and marine ecosystems, with priority given to qualifying communities of color, and a $50 million-per-year program to build climate-resilient living shorelines. (Rep. Mucarsel-Powell’s H.R. 7387, Rep. Pallone’s H.R. 3115)
  • Improving highway safety and protects key wildlife habitats by establishing a national wildlife corridor network and providing grants to states, Tribes, and private landowners to protect and restore wildlife corridors and wildlife crossings. (Rep. Beyer’s H.R. 2795, Rep. Gallego’s H.R. 5179)
  • Providing much-needed funding to Tribes for the construction, modernization, improvement, and renovation of water, sewer, and solid waste sanitation facilities located on tribal lands. (Rep. O’Halleran’s H.R. 7056)
  • Cleaning up abandoned coal mines and orphaned oil and gas wells to put unemployed oil and gas workers and coal miners to work clearing the way for new infrastructure and economic redevelopment. (Rep. Cartwright’s H.R. 2156 and H.R. 4248, Rep. Lowenthal’s H.R. 4346)
  • Promoting new renewable energy infrastructure by incentivizing the development of wind and solar on public lands and building a workforce for offshore wind. (Rep. Levin and Gosar’s H.R. 3794, Rep. Keating’s H.R. 3068)
  • Bolstering Federal Highway Administration Funding for Puerto Rico ($52,400,251) and the U.S. Territories ($13,929,181).

“This bill is a big part of the Democratic plan for a more sustainable America, and everyone who cares about a cleaner environment can be excited to support it,” Grijalva said today. “The days of building roads and bridges for their own sake, without consideration for climate change, environmental quality or community impacts, are over. This is a thoughtful, comprehensive approach to our nation’s infrastructure needs, and I’m glad to vote for it.”

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