THIS WEEK ON THE HOUSE FLOOR: House Voting to Repeal the Public Lands Planning Rule

Here's the Committee's schedule for the week of February 6th:

On Tuesday, Feb. 7, the House is voting on H. J. Res. 44, a Republican bill that if passed would repeal the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) effort to update its resource management planning process, commonly referred to as BLM Planning 2.0.

Planning 2.0 is intended to increase public involvement, encourage use of high-quality scientific data, and facilitate a shift to landscape-level planning to better respond to climate change. Many of the current plans are outdated, and under the current rule it can take nearly a decade to revise and update existing plans. By emphasizing more opportunity for early public input, utilization of the best available science and a landscape level framework, Planning 2.0 makes the planning process more nimble, transparent, efficient and better prepared to deal with today’s resource management challenges, including those caused by a changing climate.

If Congress adopts H.J. Res. 44, BLM may never be able to update this process and move land management planning into the 21st century. Years of work, including a tremendous amount of public outreach and millions of taxpayer dollars, may be senselessly tossed away. For more information on why Democrats on the Committee strongly oppose this misguided effort, click here.

Here's the Committee's schedule for the week of February 6th:

Tuesday, February 7