THIS WEEK IN COMMITTEE: GOP Fails to Invest in Indian Country Infrastructure Projects

On March 9 the Committee is holding a hearing on infrastructure projects in tribal and insular communities. Investment in tribal infrastructure has not remotely kept up with unmet needs and inflation, resulting in inadequate and outdated facilities and unmet construction and repair needs across the country. Over the years, this lack of investment has drastically and disproportionally affected the health, well-being, and livelihood of Native peoples. According to a 2009 estimate, the total unmet infrastructure needs in Indian Country is estimated to be well over $50 billion.

Any infrastructure bill considered this Congress must include a significant investment in Indian Country and the Insular Areas that addresses the chronically unmet need for infrastructure maintenance and improvements. Going forward, any future authorizations or appropriations must prioritize the upkeep, improvement and modernization of this infrastructure.

This is the second infrastructure hearing we’ve held in Committee this month. Last week’s hearing focused on modernizing our nation’s power infrastructure in the 21st Century, but House Republicans failed to acknowledge climate change as a growing threat on future water infrastructure projects.

Thursday, March 9th