Livestreams This Week: Corporate Welfare for Oil and Gas Millionaires, Hearing on Bills to Codify Tribal Consultation, Prohibit Export of Sacred Objects

This advisory has been updated from its original version to include witnesses for Thursday's hearing.

Washington D.C. – The Natural Resources Committee is holding two livestreamed events this week.

Wednesday, May 19

Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee

The Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, led by Chair Katie Porter (D-Calif.), will hold a virtual, fully remote oversight hearing titled Misuse of Taxpayer Dollars and Corporate Welfare in the Oil and Gas Industry.

The oil and gas industry receives billions of dollars of financial aid from the federal government annually. Fossil fuel drillers frequently claim that this corporate welfare is needed to support jobs in the industry. However, in recent years, instead of supporting workers, oil and gas companies have laid off hundreds or even thousands of people while handing huge raises to CEOs and increasing payouts to shareholders.

The subcommittee will hold a public discussion on the credibility of industry claims to determine whether taxpayers should continue to prop up this industry. Despite invitations from Chair Porter, multiple oil and gas executives declined to testify on these potential misuses of public funds.


  • Laura Zachary, Co-Director, Apogee Economics & Policy
  • Michael Patrick F. Smith, Author and former oil field worker
  • Tim Stretton, Policy Analyst, Project on Government Oversight

The following witnesses were invited, but declined:

  • Richard E. Muncrief, President and CEO, Devon Energy Corporation
  • William R. Thomas, Chairman and CEO EOG Resources, Inc.
  • Darren W. Woods, Chairman and CEO ExxonMobil Corporation
  • Kathleen Sgamma, President, Western Energy Alliance
  • Tripp Parks, Vice President of Government Affairs, Western Energy Alliance

When: Wednesday, May 19, at 1:00 p.m. Eastern time

Watch Live: https://youtu.be/NFVZSfeFr-s (YouTube)

Thursday, May 20

Subcommittee for Indigenous Peoples of the United States

The Subcommittee for Indigenous Peoples of the United States, led by Chair Teresa Leger Fernández (D-N.M.), will host a virtual, fully remote legislative hearing on the following tribal-related legislation:

  • H.R. 438 (Rep. Young), To amend the Alyce Spotted Bear and Walter Soboleff Commission on Native Children Act to extend the deadline for a report by the Alyce Spotted Bear and Walter Soboleff Commission on Native Children, and for other purposes.
  • H.R. 2930 (Rep. Leger Fernández), To enhance protections of Native American tangible cultural heritage, and for other purposes, STOP Act of 2021.
  • RESPECT Act [discussion draft] (Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva), To prescribe procedures for effective consultation and coordination by Federal agencies with federally recognized Indian Tribes regarding Federal Government actions that impact Tribal lands and interests to ensure that meaningful Tribal input is an integral part of the Federal decision-making process.

This hearing features a bipartisan set of bills that address a range of issues related to Indian Country, including an increase of penalties for the illegal trafficking of tribal cultural artifacts, extending the Alyce Spotted Bear and Walter Soboleff Commission deadline for a final report on reviewing federal, state, and tribal programs for Native children, and codifying tribal consultation procedures for federal government projects and regulatory actions.


  • The Hon. Brian D. Vallo (H.R. 2930)
    Governor, Pueblo of Acoma
  • Stacy Leeds (Discussion Draft – RESPECT Act)
    Professor of Law and Leadership
    Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University
  • Matthew L.M. Fletcher (Discussion Draft – RESPECT Act)
    Director & Professor of Law, Indigenous Law and Policy Center
    Michigan State University College of Law
  • Lauren van Schilfgaarde (Discussion Draft – RESPECT Act)
    Director Tribal Legal Development Clinic, UCLA School of Law

When: Thursday, May 20, at 12:00 p.m. Eastern time

Watch Live: https://youtu.be/VP8lSl7n1is (YouTube)

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