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H.R.8209 To amend the Bridgeport Indian Colony Land Trust, Health, and Economic Development Act of 2012 to remove the restriction on class II gaming on certain land in California.
H.R.8221 To establish the Blackwell School National Historic Site in Marfa, Texas, and for other purposes.
H.Res.1102 Recognizing the duty of the Federal Government to implement an agenda to Transform, Heal, and Renew by Investing in a Vibrant Economy ("THRIVE").
H.R.7349 To require the Secretary of Interior and the Secretary of Agriculture to provide a plan to ensure adequate staffing throughout organizational units of the Department of Interior and Department of Agriculture to review communications use authorizations in a timely manner.
H.R.8234 To provide for the conveyance of certain property to the Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium located in Sitka, Alaska, and for other purposes.
H.R.8200 To improve the health of minority individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic, and for other purposes.
H.R.8208 To extend Federal recognition to the Mono Lake Kutzadika Tribe, and for other purposes.
H.R.8205 To amend the Public Health Service Act to expand, enhance, and improve applicable public health data systems used by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and for other purposes.
H.R.8224 To establish the New Philadelphia National Historical Park in the State of Illinois as a unit of the National Park System, and for other purposes.
H.R.7421 To require the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information to establish an interagency strike force to increase prioritization by the Department of Interior and Department of Agriculture by senior management of the Department of Interior and Department of Agriculture, or an organizational unit of reviews for communications use authorizations.
H.R.7454 To amend the Agricultural Act of 2014 to modify the treatment of revenue from timber sale contracts and certain payments made by counties to the Secretary of Agriculture and the Secretary of the Interior under good neighbor agreements, and for other purposes.
H.R.2640 Buffalo Tract Protection Act
H.R.7638 To establish certain employment protections for temporary workers, and for other purposes.
H.R.7550 To direct the Secretary of the Interior, the Secretary of Defense, and the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to inventory Confederate commemorative works on certain Federal lands, and for other purposes.
H.R.3160 To direct the Secretary of the Interior to take certain land located in Pinal County, Arizona, into trust for the benefit of the Gila River Indian Community, and for other purposes.
H.R.1702 To waive the application fee for any special use permit for veterans demonstrations and special events at war memorials on Federal land, and for other purposes.
H.R.4957 Native American Child Protection Act
H.R.8166 To support surface and groundwater storage and supporting projects in Reclamation States, and for other purposes.
H.R.8180 To amend the Endangered Species Act of 1973 to exclude the gray wolf from the authority of such Act, to remove the gray wolf from the lists of threatened species and endangered species published pursuant to such Act, and for other purposes.
H.R.7540 To impose enhanced penalties for conduct relating to unlawful production of a controlled substance on Federal property or while intentionally trespassing on the property of another that causes environmental damage, and for other purposes.
H.R.7781 To eliminate certain subsidies for fossil-fuel production.
H.R.8143 No latest title...
H.R.2748 Safeguarding America's Future and Environment Act
H.R.5552 Migratory Bird Protection Act of 2020
H.R.8157 No latest title...
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