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Congressional Replacement of President Obama's Energy-Restricting and Job-Limiting Offshore Drilling Plan (H.R. 6082)
Status: Passed the House on July 25, 2012 with a bipartisan vote of 253 to 170. Awaits consideration in the Senate.

Background on H.R. 6082:

  • On June 28, 2012, the Obama Administration announced its proposed final lease plan for developing the United States’ offshore energy resources from 2012-2017. Under section 18 of the Outer Continental Shelf Leasing Act, the President’s proposed five-year offshore drilling plan must be submitted to Congress for a mandatory 60-day review before it can become final and in effect.
  • As part of the mandatory Congressional review, House Republicans will make clear that the President’s plan is unacceptable and will replace it with an environmentally responsible, robust plan that truly supports increased American energy and American jobs.

  • President Obama’s No-New-Drilling, No-New-Jobs plan closes 85 percent of our offshore areas to energy production and opens no new areas for drilling. It’s a giant step backwards for American energy production and effectively re-imposes the drilling moratoria lifted in 2008 in response to over $4 gasoline prices.

  • A report by the non-partisan Congressional Research Service confirms that the 15 lease sales in President Obama's plan represent the lowest number of lease sales ever offered in a plan since the process began in 1980.

  • In stark contrast to President Obama’s plan, H.R. 6082 proposes a drill-smart, job-creation plan that expands offshore drilling and opens news areas containing the most oil and natural gas resources.

  • The Congressional replacement plan will generate $600 million in revenues and create tens of thousands of American jobs.

  • Specifically, H.R. 6082:

    • Implements a new lease schedule for 29 lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico, Mid-Atlantic, Southern Pacific, and the Arctic.

    • Provides for opening offshore Virginia to drilling, with the first of several lease sales starting in 2013. President Obama cancelled a lease sale off Virginia scheduled for 2011 and the President’s plan doesn’t allow energy production off Virginia until 2017 or later.

    • Protects national defense and military operations.

    • Provides for separate environmental reviews for each specific lease sale.

Proposed Lease Sale Schedule in H.R. 6082:

Sale No. Area Year
229 Western Gulf of Mexico 2012
220 Mid-Atlantic Sale (Virginia) 2013
225 Eastern Gulf of Mexico* 2013
227 Central Gulf of Mexico 2013
249 So. Cal. Existing Infrastructure 2013
233 Western Gulf of Mexico 2013
244 Cook Inlet 2013
212 Chukchi Sea 2013
228 Southern California 2014
230 Mid-Atlantic 2014
231 Central Gulf of Mexico 2014
238 Western Gulf of Mexico 2014
242 Beaufort Sea 2014
221 Chukchi Sea 2014
245 Mid-Atlantic 2015
232 North Atlantic 2015
234 Eastern Gulf of Mexico* 2015
235 Central Gulf of Mexico 2015
246 Western Gulf 2015
255 South Atlantic-South Carolina 2015
237 Chukchi Sea 2016
239 North Aleutian Basin 2016
248 Western Gulf of Mexico 2016
241 Central Gulf of Mexico 2016
226 Eastern Gulf of Mexico* 2016
217 Beaufort Sea 2016
243 Southern California 2017
250 Mid-Atlantic 2017
247 Central Gulf 2017

*Lease sales in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico are in a small area that is currently open for drilling. They do not include any areas currently under moratorium.

Offshore Areas Open for Drilling under H.R. 6082, the Congressional Replacement of President Obama’s Energy-Restricting and Job-Limiting Offshore Drilling Plan

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Offshore Areas Blocked for Drilling under President Obama’s Proposed Final 2012-2017 Plan

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Offshore Areas Available for Drilling when President Obama Took Office (January 2009)

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