Environmental Justice

Natural Resources Committee Democrats Chair Raúl M. Grijalva (D-Ariz.) and Rep. A. Donald McEachin (D-Va.) are leading the environmental justice movement in Congress. In 2018 they began an inclusive, transparent, community-led and community-driven process to create the most comprehensive environmental justice bill in congressional history. The result is the Environmental Justice for All Act.

Environmental justice stakeholders across the country helped write a bill that truly protects public health, prevents the destruction of our environment and gives communities real power against polluting corporations.

After convening hundreds of environmental leaders in the U.S. Capitol and integrating extensive community feedback, including 350 written comments from members of the public and leaders in the environmental justice movement, Chair Grijalva and Rep. McEachin introduced their landmark bill in early 2020. This comprehensive legislation addresses longstanding environmental inequities that harm communities of color, low-income communities, and Tribal and indigenous communities across the country. 

The Environmental Justice for All Act is rooted in the moral principle that all people have the right to pure air, clean water, and an environment that enriches life. It is informed by the belief that federal policy can and should seek to achieve environmental justice, health equity, and climate justice for all communities.

With the strong support of environmental groups, Chair Grijalva and Rep. McEachin introduced the bill in the 116th Congress with more than 70 congressional cosponsors. Chair Grijalva and Rep. McEachin are continuing the march for justice by hosting environmental roundtable conversations with communities across the nation and are pushing this vital effort through Congress as they reintroduce the legislation in the 117th Congress.

For more resources on the Committee's work on environmental justice, visit the links below.

Fact Sheets

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Timeline of Congressional Action to Advance Environmental Justice

May 13, 2021 Hearing on Enviornmental Justice in Indigenous Communities- HERE

March 29, 2021 Chair Grijalva, Rep. McEachin – Sponsors of Environmental Justice for All Act – Applaud White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council Members- HERE

March 18, 2021 Chair Grijalva, Rep. McEachin Reintroduce Environmental Justice for All Act – Widely Supported Effort Comes as Congress Eyes New Investments - HERE

December 8, 2020 Environmental Justice Now Tour: Appalachia - HERE

October 1, 2020 Congressional Hearing on Environmental Justice for All Act - HERE

September 25, 2020 Key Provisions of the Environmental Justice for All Act Were Passed By the U.S. House in the Clean Economy Jobs and Innovation Act - HERE

September 23, 2020 Environmental Justice Now Tour: Historically Black Colleges and Universities - HERE

September 18, 2020 Environmental Justice Now Tour: Los Angeles - HERE

September 17, 2020 Environmental Justice Now Tour: Louisiana, Cancer Alley - HERE

September 08, 2020 Environmental Justice Now Tour: New Mexico - HERE

August 04, 2020 Chair Grijalva Celebrates Long Sought Victory of Securing Permanent, Full Land & Water Conservation Funding - HERE

July 30, 2020 Environmental Justice Now Tour: Michigan - HERE

July 30, 2020 Senator Kamala Harris Introduces the Senate Companion of Chair Grijalva and Rep. McEachin’s Environmental Justice for All Act - HERE, HERE

July 15, 2020 Chair Grijalva and Rep. McEachin on Today’s NEPA Rewrite: “This Country is Facing an Environmental Justice Test, and President Trump Has Failed” - HERE

June 30, 2020 Chair Grijalva Hails Climate Committee Recommendations – Highlights Public Lands Net-Zero Carbon Bill, Environmental Justice, Other Measures - HERE

June 6, 2020 Chair Grijalva: President Trump’s Environmental Rollbacks are Another Attack on Black Communities - HERE

May 13, 2020 Stepping Up: Communities Protecting Themselves and the Environment in the Pandemic Era - HERE

April 28, 2020 Environmental Justice Virtual Round Table on Community Impacts from the Coronavirus Health & Economic Crises - HERE

April 21, 2020 Grijalva, McEachin Letter Urges HHS to Address Disparities in Coronavirus Outcomes for Environmental Justice Communities - HERE

March 26, 2020 Chair Grijalva, Rep. McEachin Lead Letter From 43 House Democrats to Congressional Leaders Urging Environmental Justice Support in COVID-19 Response - HERE

February 27, 2020 Following Year-Long Collaborative Effort, Chair Grijalva and Rep. McEachin Introduce Landmark Environmental Justice Legislation - HERE, Video HERE

November 2019 - February 2020 Chair Grijalva and Rep. McEachin work with Environmental Justice Groups and Advocates to Receive and Review Comments on Discussion Draft Through PopVox - HERE

November 15, 2019 Chair Grijalva, Rep. McEachin Release Discussion Draft of Environmental Justice Bill, Marking New Public Input Phase of Historic Collaborative Effort - HERE

June 28, 2019 Chair Grijalva, Rep. McEachin Launch Historic Effort to Draft Environmental Justice Bill Based on Public Feedback at Environmental Justice Convening - HERE

June 26, 2019 Chair Grijalva, Rep. McEachin Host Historic Environmental Justice Convening at the U.S. Capitol With Hundreds of Participants From Across the Country - HERE

At the Convening, Chair Grijalva and Rep. McEachin unveiled a draft set of policy principles informed by the input from the EJ Working Group. The draft was opened for comment to be further refined and strengthened by EJ organizations’ input. This commenting process was managed through a new, innovative online tool open to the public.

April 15, 2019 After New Mexico Witnesses Speak Out Against Health, Environmental Impacts of Runaway Oil and Gas Industry, Chair Grijalva Eyes New Federal Limits - HERE

April 13, 2019 Chair Grijalva Leads an Environmental Justice Round Table in New Mexico - HERE

February 14, 2019 African American Leaders On Cultural Heritage And Environmental Justice Forum - HERE

January 15, 2019 Democratic Hearing on Shutdown Impacts on Indian Country and the Environment - HERE

June 2018 - June 2019 Congressional staff held multiple strategy calls over the course of 8 months with the EJ working group, which is made up of experts in the EJ field and key leaders in the environmental justice community. They discussed substantive policy considerations, outreach strategies to engage EJ organizations, acute challenges faced by EJ communities, and much more.

Throughout the project, both Chair Grijalva and Rep. McEachin continued to hold environmental justice roundtable discussions with communities across the country to gather input on the needs of communities faced with unjust and inequitable impacts from environmental degradation.

June 2018 Rep. McEachin becomes the co-lead of this environmental justice effort and works with Chair Grijalva to bring these issues to the forefront of the Democratic legislative agenda and develop a comprehensive bill.

June 2018 Chair Grijalva convenes an Environmental Justice Working Group of advisors to help develop a comprehensive bill and the process for gathering public input from communities.

June 28, 2017 Then-Ranking Member Grijalva Becomes First Member of Congress to Introduce a Comprehensive Environmental Justice Bill: H.R. 3590 the Environmental Justice and Civil Rights Restoration and Enforcement Act - HERE

April 8, 2015 Then-Ranking Member Grijalva Leads House Natural Resources Committee Democrats in Hosting a Democratic Forum on Environmental Justice in Los Angeles - HERE