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Broad Coalition Calls for Passage of Legislation to Stop War on Coal, Lower Energy Costs, Reduce Government Regulation on U.S. Energy

WASHINGTON, D.C., September 21, 2012 - Organizations representing various interests including agriculture, manufacturing, energy, homebuilding and contracting are joining conservative organizations to call for passage of H.R. 3409, the Stop the War on Coal Act of 2012, a package of five bills that will help end the Obama Administration’s war on coal that threatens thousands of American jobs and could increase the price of energy on millions of American families and small businesses.

What They’re Saying:

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

“H.R. 3409 would block harmful job-cutting regulations, protect consumers from higher electricity prices, and promote sound government practices of transparency and a respect for state involvement in environmental protection. In addition to stopping the current war on coal, this bill would make changes benefitting all Americans through policies that encourage economic growth and protect low-cost and reliable electricity necessary for job creation.”

American Farm Bureau Federation

“Agriculture is an energy-intensive sector, and Farm Bureau members depend on coal for affordable energy to run their farms and ranches. Ensuring there is an adequate supply of coal for domestic consumption is important… H.R. 3409 represents a sensible, balanced approach to utilizing coal resources while protecting the environment.”

Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council

“Burdensome regulation on coal companies means higher costs for small firms operating in this sector. If Alpha is having difficulty competing through tough market conditions and an aggressive regulatory environment, imagine what a small coal operator must endure… H.R. 3409 will help to encourage America’s coal industry which will lead to lower energy prices. The bill will also stop misguided tax increases that would only increase energy costs for small businesses.”

Western Energy Alliance

“Several aspects of this package of bills are particularly important for increasing American production of the oil and natural gas that powers our economy and creates hundreds of thousands of jobs.”

Western Business Roundtable

“The package before you now is just the latest in a series of important measures the House has advanced during the 112th Congress to remove significant regulatory impediments which currently hamper U.S. energy independence. It includes a number of bills which would help undo the uncertainty and economic upheaval caused by the Administration’s ‘War on Coal.’”

National Mining Association

“This critical legislation is about more than coal mining jobs – it’s about all the jobs created by affordable and reliable electricity generated from coal. These jobs range from high-tech manufacturing and computing to Main Street hardware and grocery stores that depend upon affordable electricity to keep the power on and the doors open…A vote for H.R. 3409 is a vote to sustain and create new jobs from affordable electricity.”

American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity

“[The] EPA continues to pile unnecessary and expensive new regulations on top of each other, while ignoring their harmful economic impact. One bad EPA rule is challenging enough, but the combined impact of all the EPA rules is devastating to the coal industry and burdensome to a struggling economy. Unfortunately, EPA can be expected to write more bad regulations unless Congress force the agency to write sensible rules.”

American Energy Alliance

“By supporting H.R. 3409, Members of Congress will stand with U.S. coal against the growing regulatory hostility from Washington and an onslaught of misleading advertising campaigns by special interests beholden to well-funded extremists on the environmental left…Now is the time.”

Heritage Action for America

“This bill would help reverse the negative implications of his administration’s policies and protect American jobs, which have suffered on a large scale as a result of overregulation of the coal industry by the EPA.”

Americans for Tax Reform

“Over the past four years, we have witnessed the Obama Administration take unprecedented steps to cripple America’s coal industry. H.R. 3409 includes numerous provisions to alleviate this essential energy source from incapacitating regulations while providing support for the thousands workers whose livelihoods depend on it.”

National Taxpayers Union

“Affordable energy is the cornerstone of a solid economy, and unless Congress acts quickly to curtail the EPA’s excesses, jobs across every sector will continue to be at risk.”

Americans for Limited Government

“If our hope is to bring America out of this recession in one piece then affordable energy is a must. The House must pass this legislation and begin the arduous task of reining in the out-of-control EPA.”

Council for Citizens Against Government Waste

“I urge you to vote support the Stop the War on Coal Act to preserve thousands of jobs and help to rein in EPA’s heavy-handed regulatory agenda.”

Freedom Action

“Taken together, they [H.R. 3409] will do much to loosen the Obama Administration’s regulatory strangulation of the coal industry. But this bill is about much more than stopping the war on coal. It is about stopping the war on affordable energy being waged successfully on multiple fronts by the Obama Administration.”

Organizations Supporting the Passage of H.R. 3409

Agricultural Retailers Association
American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity
American Commitment
American Energy Alliance
American Farm Bureau Federation
American Foundry Society
American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers
American Iron and Steel Institute
American Petroleum Institute
Americans for Limited Government
Americans for Tax Reform
Associated Builders and Contractors
Associated General Contractors
Consumer Energy Alliance
Counsel for Citizens Against Government Waste
Freedom Action
Heritage Action for America
Industrial Minerals Association – North America
Let Freedom Ring
National Association of Homebuilders
National Association of Manufacturers
National Federation of Independent Business
National Mining Association
National Onion Association
National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association
National Taxpayers Union
North American Die Casting Association
Northwest Mining Association
Petroleum Equipment Suppliers Association
Petroleum Marketers Association of America
Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council
Southern Company
The Fertilizer Institute
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Western Business Roundtable
Western Energy Alliance


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