Click on the links below to learn more about the key issues the Committee is currently working on:

Energy Infrastructure

The United States is the world’s global energy leader, in front of Russia and Saudi Arabia. Yet, the nation’s energy infrastructure lags far behind. Read more »

Job Creation

House Republicans are focused on creating new jobs and putting people back to work. The Natural Resources Committee is promoting policies that will grow our economy and foster new job creation. Read more »


Congress has a responsibility to keep the Administration accountable to the American people and ensure that decisions are open and transparent. A critical part of this effort is congressional oversight. Read more »

American Energy Initiative

The American Energy Initiative is an ongoing effort by House Republicans to address rising gasoline prices and expand American energy production in order to lower energy costs, grow our economy and create jobs. Read more »

Endangered Species Act

Signed into law in 1973, the goal of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) was to preserve, protect and recover key domestic species. After more than two decades, the ESA should be modernized and updated to once again focus the law on true species recovery. Read more »

Strengthening and Improving our Nation's Fisheries

The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act governs the recreational and commercial harvest of fisheries in Federal waters. It was last authorized by Congress in 2006 through fiscal year 2013. Read more »

Forest Health and Wildfires

If managed wisely, America’s national forests can provide wildlife habit, recreational opportunities, abundant domestic supplies of natural resources and support thousands of jobs in the timber industry. Read more »

Domestic Helium Production

Helium is essential to the manufacturing of computer chips and fiber optic cables, is used by hospitals for life-saving medical tests like an MRI, and is critical to national defense efforts. The Committee has worked hard to ensure that the U.S. has a stable supply of helium for the future. Read more »

Reducing Spending

Congress must take action to reduce spending because our nation’s debt is putting the United States' economic future at risk. It is costing jobs and burdening future generations with higher taxes. Read more »

American Energy Roadblocks

Since taking office, President Obama and his Administration have actively blocked, hindered and delayed American energy production. Read more »

Rising Gasoline Prices

House Republicans are committed to addressing America’s rising gasoline prices, boosting American energy production and stopping the Obama Administration’s policies that are driving up gasoline prices. Read more »

All-of-the-Above Energy Approach

An all-of-the-above approach will create jobs and reduce our dependence on foreign oil by responsibly developing our alternative energy sources, such as wind, solar, hydropower, nuclear, geothermal and biomass, along with clean coal and American-made oil and natural gas. Read more »

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Opening less than 3% of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) in Alaska for responsible energy production could create thousands of jobs, generate billions in new revenue and help reduce our dependence on foreign sources of oil. Read more »

Obama Administration’s Shutdown

The House has repeatedly taken action to fund the government and avoid a shutdown. Unfortunately, the Senate and President Obama refuse to come to the table and negotiate. One of the many consequences of this unfortunate shutdown is that millions of Americans are not able to visit our treasured National Parks and landmarks. Read more »

National Ocean Policy

On July 19th, 2010, President Obama signed an Executive Order to adopt the final recommendations of the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force. These policies will hinder rather than promote ocean activities and cost American jobs. Read more »


Hydropower, generated mainly from hydroelectric dams, is a clean, renewable, non-emitting source of energy that provides low-cost electricity and helps reduce carbon emissions. Read more »

Man-Made California Drought

Currently, California is enduring the worst drought in 1,200 years. Although the state is naturally arid, poor decisions continue to make the situation worse, and these negative conditions impact communities across the West. Read more »

Border Security on Federal Lands

Serious security gaps exist on federal lands along the northern and southern U.S. border. Our federal lands have become a highway open to criminals, drugs smugglers, human traffickers and potentially terrorists. Read more »

Potential National Monument Designations

Republicans continue to seek increased transparency on the Administration’s plans to potentially designate new national monuments and will oppose efforts to unilaterally lock-up more public land. Read more »