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Legislative Hearing on H.R. ___, H.R. ___, H.R. ___ and H.R. ___
Friday, November 18, 2011 9:30 AM
Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources
1324 Longworth House Office Building

1324 Longworth House Office Building
Friday, November 18, 2011
9:30 a.m.

  • Official hearing transcript
  • Press Release - Increased American Energy Production Will Create Millions of Jobs, Generate Billions of Revenue for Infrastructure Improvements (11/18/2011)
  • Video - Republicans Highlight American Energy Production & Infrastructure Jobs Bill (11/17/2011)
  • Press Release - Chairman Hastings Joins Speaker Boehner in Announcing American Energy & Infrastructure Jobs Bill (11/17/2011)
  • Committee Action - Subcommittee to Hold Legislative Hearing on Four Bills to Expand American Energy Production, Create New American Jobs (11/11/2011)
  • Press Release - Alaskan Energy for American Jobs Act to be Introduced (11/11/2011)
  • Press Release - Lamborn Introduces PIONEERS Act to Produce 1.5 Trillion Barrels of U.S. Oil Shale, Create New American Jobs (11/11/2011)
  • Press Release - Stivers Announces Job-Creating Legislation to Expand American Offshore Drilling Production (11/11/2011)
  • Press Release - Bill Johnson: Obama Admin’s War on Coal MUST End (11/11/2011)


  • H.R. ___ (Stivers) To require the Secretary of the Interior to conduct certain offshore oil and gas lease sales, to provide fair and equitable revenue sharing for all coastal States, to formulate future offshore energy development plans in areas with the most potential, to generate revenue for American infrastructure, and for other purposes. "American-Made Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act"
    • (Bill was introduced on Monday, November 14, 2011 as H.R. 3410)
  • H.R. ___ (Hastings of WA and Young of AK) To direct the Secretary of the Interior to establish and implement a competitive oil and gas leasing program for the exploration, development, and production of the oil and gas resources of the Coastal Plain of Alaska, to ensure secure energy supplies for the continental Pacific Coast of the United States, lower prices, and reduce imports, and for other purposes. "Alaskan Energy for American Jobs Act"
    • (Bill was introduced on Monday, November 14, 2011 as H.R. 3407)
  • H.R. ___ (Lamborn) To set clear rules for the development of United States oil shale resources, to promote shale technology research and development, and for other purposes. "Protecting Investment in Oil Shale the Next Generation of Environmental, Energy, and Resource Security Act" (PIONEERS Act)
    • (Bill was introduced on Monday, November 14, 2011 as H.R. 3408)
  • H.R. ___ (Johnson of OH) To limit the authority of the Secretary of the Interior to issue regulations before December 31, 2013, under the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977. "Coal Miner Employment and Domestic Energy Infrastructure Protection Act"
    • (Bill was introduced on Monday, November 14, 2011 as H.R. 3409)


The Honorable Doug Lamborn

The Honorable Doc Hastings
Full Committee Chairman


Panel I

Tara Sweeney (H.R. ___, Hastings/Young)
Senior VP for External Affairs
Arctic Slope Regional Corporation
(Truth in Testimony Form)

Mark Helmericks (H.R. ___, Hastings/Young)
Founder of Colville, Inc.
Colville Village
(Truth in Testimony Form)

Peter Van Tuyn (H.R. ___, Hastings/Young)
Alaska Conservationist and Environmental Attorney
Bessenyey & Van Tuyn, L.L.C.
(Truth in Testimony Form)

The Honorable Frank Wagner (H.R. ___, Stivers)
State Senator
Commonwealth of Virginia

Erik Milito (H.R. ___, Stivers)
Upstream Director
American Petroleum Institute
(Truth in Testimony Form)

Ryan Alexander (H.R. ___, Stivers)
Taxpayers for Common Sense
(Truth in Testimony Form)

Panel II

Todd Dana (H.R. ___, Lamborn)
Chairman and CEO
Uintah Partners, LLC
(Truth in Testimony Form)

Bill Eikenberry (H.R. ___, Lamborn)
Former Assoc. WY State Dir., BLM
(Truth in Testimony Form)

J. Steven Gardner, P.E. (H.R. ___, Johnson)
President and CEO
(Truth in Testimony Form)

Joe Zaluski (H.R. ___, Johnson)
Executive VP
(Truth in Testimony Form)

Patrick C. McGinley (H.R. ___, Johnson)
Professor of Law
WV University College of Law
(Truth in Testimony Form)


U.S. Department of the Interior
Regarding Energy Legislation
November 18, 2011

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