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Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health Oversight Field Hearing in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas on: Public Access to Arkansas National Forests.
Saturday, August 12, 2000

washington, D.C.

Oversight Field Hearing in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas on: 
Public Access to Arkansas National Forests.







  • Mrs. Mike (Roberta) Lenard 
    Sims, AR


  • Mr. Tom McKinney 
    Conservation Chair 
    Ozark Headwaters Group of the Sierra Club 
    West Fork, AR


  • Ms. Cheryl Russell 
    Executive Director 
    American Loggers Council - Lincoln, ME


  • Mr. Stormy Sims 
    Americans for Responsible Recreation Access Norman, OK


  • Mr. John Aydlett 
    Montgomery County Advisory Council - Sims, AR




  • Ms. Elizabeth Estill 
    Regional Forester 
    Southern Region 
    USDA Forest Service


      Accompanied by:
    • Mr. Alan Newman 
      Forest Supervisor 
      Ouachita National Forest


    • Mr. Charles Richmond 
      Forest Supervisor 
      Ozark and St. Francis National Forests

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